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Yom Haatzmaut Recipes

You don't have to wait for the Israeli independence Day to make some of these traditional Yom Haatzmaut recipes.

Israeli Chicken Wings

Israeli Chicken WingsThis chicken wings with tahini recipe is ideal for your Yom Haatzmaut Barbacue. It is nice as it mixes eastern and western food tradition. The recipe is meant for 6 people. INGREDIENTS: 24 chicken wings, tips removed 1/2 cup tahini sauce 1 small bunch parsley finely chopped Juice of 1 lemon 1/2 cup water Salt and paprika to taste 6 small pitta breads. marinade: 3 garlic cloves, crushed to paste with salt 1 tsp paprika juice of 1 lemon 2 tbsp tahini paste 1 tbsp olive oil PREPARATION: Mix marinade ingredients in large bowl. Add chicken wings, making sure they are well coated, marinate for at least an hour. In a separate bowl mix the tahini with lemon and water. Add the parsley, season to taste and you have done it! Cook for about 15 minutes, turning occasionally until skin is golden brown and slightly charred, and meat cooked throug. Serve the chicken wings on a platter with individual bowls for the tahini. If you don’t mind 2 more minutes of work toast the pita bread on your grill too. Your guests will love it.

Avocado Salad

Avocado saladYom Haatzmaut in Israel is just perfect for an easy yet extended brunch. The Avocado made Aliyah to Israel in the late 1950s.Now it is considered an Israeli fruit. Try this Avocado salad recipe and see how easy it is. Add this salad to an assortment of cheese kinds, fresh scrambled eggs, and some pita bread, bagels and butter, and everyone will be happy. INGREDIENTS: 1 lettuce head 4 oranges in sections 12 cherry tomatoes cut in halves 3 avocado sliced and sprinkled with lemon juice For the dressing: 1 cup sour cream 6 tablespoons olive oil ˝ cup orange juice Salt & pepper to taste PREPARATION: Arrange the vegetables on a shallow bowl. Mix the dressing. Pour dressing over the salad just before serving.

Tel Aviv Fruit Salad

Tel Aviv Fruit SaladFruit salad is a well loved dessert. It has many variations according to season and preference. You can serve it with a cheese cake with vanilla ice or wiped cream that can be a whole meal sitting on the balcony and looking at sundown at the Mediterranean Sea (or whatever view you have from your window. INGREDIENTS: According to quantity of people just use whatever fruits you can lay your hands on. Use oranges, apples pears, melon, and strawberry, or kiwi and other exotic fruits will taste good and make the fruit salad look great. Squeeze one or two oranges. Peel the fruits and combine. PREPARATION: Taste, add sugar or sweetener and some fruit juice to your likings. Your guests will leek their fingers…

Yom Haatzmaut Cake

Yom Haatzmaut CakeEnjoy serving a differently decorated cake when celebrating Yom Haatzmaut, the Israeli Independence Day. This is just a serving suggestion. Use you imagination and decorate the cake with a large Star of David or a Few smaller ones. Like on a birthday you may like to add the age of our relatively young country. Use blue M&M chocolate candies or blue butter cream for the decoration and white icing below. Your guests will love the idea.

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