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Jewish Holidays

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Yom Haatzmaut

Israel‘s Independence Day

Israel‘s Independence DayIndependence Day of Israel, Yom Haatzmaut, is celebrated on Iyar 5th, which is the Hebrew date of the formal establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, and marks the declaration of Independence. On that day, the streets of Israel are decorated with colorful lamps and Israeli flags. The day preceding Independence Day is called Yom Hazikaron Lechalalei Ma'arachot Yisrael, Israel's National Memorial Day, in which both fallen soldiers and victims of terror are commemorated. There are some special rits to the prayer of this day. the Chief Rabbinate of Israel has decided that this day should be marked with the recital of Hallel psalms of praise. Tefila l'shlom Hamedina, Prayer for the State of Israel, is said too. PREPARE A STUNNING YOM HAATZMAUT DINNER. TO SEE OUR TU BISHVAT RECIPES PLEASE CLICK THE LINK. Please scroll down to learn of Israel's Independence Declaration.

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The Hallel

The Book of Psalms is a great collection of songs, prayers, and poetry. One group of Psalms is clustered at the end of the book and is called Hallel meaning Praise. These Psalms praise G-d for His character, and for His saving work. Though Yom Ha'atzmaut is a secular holiday and the religious charakter is still in the process of formation the Chief Rabbinate of the State of Israel has decided that this day should be marked with the recital of Hallel.

The Declaration of Independence

The declaration of Independence is one of the most treasured documents of a nation. The Declaration of Independence of the State of Israel was signed by David Ben Gurion and read on Friday, May 14, 1948, 5th day of Iyar, 5708. Shuki Kook, a talented and experienced photographer, owns one of the most modern state-of-the-art graphic studios in Israel. During his many years of travel and vast experience in the field, Shuki came to the realization that it was necessary to find better means of preserving our rich Jewish and Israeli heritage for future generations. Shuki purchased the most up-to-date scanners for his Tel Aviv studio, allowing him to fulfill his dream of producing a facsimile of the State of Israel's most important document: The Declaration of Independence.

Preserving the Declaration

Declaration of IndependenceHere the exiting account of Tom Kook Shuki's son's: Last Wednesday wasn't just ''an ordinary day at the office'' for anyone in our graphic arts studio. An armored car pulled up, complete with security guards. White-gloved personnel carefully carried in a very special document that few of us will ever get to see in our lifetime: the Israeli Declaration of Independence! We were given the unique opportunity of giving the State of Israel a very special 60th ''birthday gift'': We would preserve and renew the original archived copy of the Declaration of Independence that we all know so well from our school days, and see to it that one of the most- if not THE most- important document in Israeli history is preserved for future generations. The story began when we searched for an official document to use for our own purposes. Unlike the Library of Congress which invests vast sums in restoration and preservation of important national and historical documents, the Israeli National Archive's meager budget doesn't allow for such expenditures. Many such Israeli documents are lying in the National Archive without a digital copy having been made to preserve them. We decided to take up the challenge.

The process

process of preservingThirty years ago, my father photographed the original Declaration of Independence. For my Dad (Shuki) its preservation was the culmination of a dream! Once again he had the unique opportunity to photograph the Declaration, this time using a special technique that would preserve it for his descendants and for all who cherish our history. Shuki Kook Studios purchased a modern scanner of the highest quality, of the type found in only a limited number of places in the world. This scanner is used by the Vatican and in the Louver and Van Gough Museums. This high technology scanner allowed us to digitally copy the Israeli Declaration of Independence, making it accessible to all.

The success

replicaAll the telephone calls, correspondence, and bureaucracy involved in getting the project off the ground were well worth it! The Declaration had been preserved in excellent condition and the archivists treated it with loving care over the years. It is hard to describe the hush that fell and the excitement in the studio when we saw the Declaration in all its glory uncovered before our eyes! Today's technological advances helped us to prepare a copy of our beloved nation's treasured Declaration of Independence and present it as our 60th Birthday Gift to the State of Israel. We have a small replica Declaration of Independence that you can see when clicking the link.

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