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Mizrach Tradition

Mizrach Tradition Entering a Jewish home or a synagogue we can see beautifully illustrated Mizrach signs. During prayers, Jews living outside of Israel face the direction of Israel. Those praying within Israel also face Mizrach meaning east towards Jerusalem. The resting place of the Shechina HaShem‘s or G-d‘s Presence is towards the East. To make it easy to find this direction, a Mizrach sign is hung in the room to point east. The Hebrew word Mizrach means literally sunrise or place of sunrise, and thus east. Along the generation evolved the tradition to make elaborate art work to show the direction of prayer to Jerusalem and the Holy Temple. Historical surveys show that ancient synagogues uncovered in various countries around the world had their holy ark, bimah, in the direction of Jerusalem usually with elaborate design and decoration. In time MIZRACH ART became an art by itself and artists began preparing elaborate Mizrach symbols using different materials ant techniques. In our extensive Mizrach art gallery you will find exquisite Mizrach signs and Mizrach plaques or plates and you will surly find a Mizrach sign to your likings to decorate your home with or to give as a meaningful gift. The four letters of the Hebrew word Mizrach are associated traditionally with the first letters of the phrase: Mitzad Zeh Ruach Chaim, that means; From this direction comes the spirit of life. To see one of many beautiful Mizrach sign please click the link below.

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