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Replicas and Adaptations

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You surly heard people speaking about a replica and wondered what this word means. A replica is a high quality copy of a work of art, a piece of jewelry, or reproductions of ancient item. Sometimes especially when working on printed items and making an exact copy we speak of a facsimile. The word comes from the Latin fac simile, and means make similar. See a facsimile map when clicking on the link below. A replica or facsimile should always be clearly marked as to not create the impression by the buyer that this is an original piece – as omitting mentioning it will clearly be deceiving. The Replicas and Adaptations that you will find in this section are based on known archaeology and ethnography collection the originals of are on display in major museums over the world.

see Map Replica

Adaptation Ideas

Adaptation IdeasThere is a definite difference between a replica or reproduction and an adaptation. While a Replica means re doing the original item by adaptation we mean to make an new object that that has some of the original element in it but is suitable to or consistent with a new situation or use. Sometimes only some eminent features of an ancient or contemporary art work is used but the item is not entirely copied for instance the design of an ancient coin is embroidered on a bag or is integrated in a bookmark, in this case we speak of an adaptation. Artists take a picture of a friend or a well known piece and paint what they call an HOMAHGE, to honor the original artwork and artist. Artistic freedom is given to artist and crafts people when they create an adaptation.

Replica Gifts

Replica GiftsWhen you see the original treasures in museums they are behind glass and of course there is no way for you touching it or taking it home with you. By purchasing a replica you can share the beauty and information of the Artifacts with friends, take it in your hand and enjoy it in the privacy of your home.

Find Replica Gifts

Find Replica GiftsHere at Gans Jerusalem we offer you replicas made from finds in excavations in Jerusalem. The replica and adaptation objects will be meaningful, useful, decorative, and make the onlooker, remember and better understand the wonderful archaeological sites in and around this Eternal City while awakening an interest in those bygone eras. We also have a large selection of biblical and historical maps of Israel.

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