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Chamsa Tradition

Chamsa Tradition A Chamsa, or Hamsa, is a talisman or amulet object that is considered to have powers that will protect the person. To be protected all the time people used to wear this object, thus having it with them wherever they go. The Chamsa or Hamsa Hand, depicts a five fingered hand sometimes with an eye centered within. The word Chamsa means five, Chamesh in Hebrew. In Jewish tradition the Chamsa with the five fingers is referred to the five books of the Torah. There are also all kinds of kabalistic mentions of the Chamsa, parallel to the Hand of G-d. It is interesting to see that many traditional Chamsa amulets were worn by Jews from Sephardic or Spanish Jewish background and influenced by Islamic cultures where the same symbol was worn and called the hand of Fatima, the daughter of Mohammed. Wearing a Chamsa or having one on the wall is believed to bring its owner happiness, luck, health, and good fortune. Today you can find the Chamsa symbol is integrated in many decorative objects as jewelry where you find it on bracelets, earrings and necklaces, wall hangings, tableware, clocks, and Judaic art pieces. We at Gans Jerusalem carry a vast collection of Chamsa items. Giving a gift with a Chamsa by a Israeli artist shows that you care for the recipient and your intent to protect him or her. TO SEE AN EXAMPLE FROM OUR CHAMSA COLLECTION PLEASE CLICK THE LINK.

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