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Judaic art

What Is Judaic Art

Judaica from IsraelJudaic art is art connected to Jewish life, rituals, and history. The first time we learn of artists and craftspeople to be commissioned to prepare such articles for the Temple is in Exodus 31:2-5: See, I have called by name Bezalel the son of Uri, the son of Hur, of the tribe of Judah and have filled him with the spirit of God, in wisdom, and in Understanding and in knowledge, and in every work, to devise skillful works, to work in gold, and in silver, and in brass. Over the generations many artist designed ceremonial objects for the holidays and Shabbat: Elaborate Kiddush cups, Challah boards, Challah covers, Shabbat candle holders, Chanukah Menorahs and Tzdakah boxes. Even small items like Dreidels and Graggers received an artistic interpretation. We find artistic Seder & Matzah plates and elaborately decorated Hagadahs and blessing texts and of course the beautiful illustrated Ketubahs. Artist illustrated and integrated Bible stories and verses into beautiful paintings that are sometimes printed in limited additions. The Jewish artistic heritage with its traditional Judaic art is brightened up by contemporary judaica of artist from Israel and the rest of the world. Families and museums started to collect Judaic art artifacts and artist prepare Judaic collectibles that will add a new dimension to your judaica collection. As technique advanced Judaic art became more affordable. We have gathered for you a rich and beautiful collection of exquisite Judaic art pieces by Israeli artists that will be displayed and enjoyed whenever looked at. Purchasing a Judaic art item for yourself or as a gift will be easy when you look at the items Gans Jerusalem offers. TO SEE AN EXAMPLE OF JUDAIC ART PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK. This is the place to find fabulous Judaica artwork, also called Judaic art, by Israeli artists that will make great additions to everyone's home and will be fantastic to give friend and family at all lifecycle events. We carry an extensive collection of Israeli home decoration items and Judaica like challah covers, Matzah covers, gifts for Shabbat and the Holidays, and many more. Our mostly hand-crafted Jewish art is meaningful and beautiful and will always be appreciated and cherished. Judaic art is the art of combining the beauty with Jewish tradition: artfully illustrated biblical texts and blessings, Jewish ritual objects like Torah pointer and Tzedakah boxes etc. We have objects for all Jewish Holidays from Honey dishes for Rosh Hashanah to Passover plates and Elias cups all waiting for you to pick them up and enjoy.

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Judaic Paintings

Judaic paintingsJudaic paintings are paintings with Judaic themes. Artist used to illustrate the bible stories like Noah's Ark, Jacob's ladder, the parting of the Red Sea, Jonah and the whale, and many more. Other Paintings depict Shabbat and the holidays and the Jewish home. In those Judaic pictures you will find Shabbat candle lighting, and art works by Israeli artists depicting Chanukah, Purim, Passover and showing traditional scenes associated with the Jewish life. Each artist has his own stile and technique and every Judaic picture will bring the glow and happiness connected to the respective theme. In our Judaic art section you will find high-quality lithographs, giclee prints of oil paintings, and Judaic art for children art print. The art piece shown here is curtsey of Dvora Black. More Judaic art works by Dvora Black can be seen by clicking the link below

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Judaic Rituel Objects

Judaic Rituel ObjectsEvery Shabbat we enjoy the rituals connected to this day without realizing that the Kiddush cup, the Challah cover, the Tallit etc are Ritual objects. We have ritual objects regarding the holidays such as the Chanukah Menorah or the Seder Plate. Dreidles for Chanukah and torah pointers, Matzah covers and Bencher holders, all are designed and decorated by Israeli artists and will make great gifts for the Jewish home. For Generations ach and every one of these Jewish ritual objects was created by artist and artisans each one of them giving the ritual item his own artistic interpretation. At Gans we carry many affordable Jewish Ritual objects that will increase your enjoyment everyday and even more so during Shabbat and Holidays. The Challah board shown here is curtsey of Dorit Klein. You can read more about the artist by clicking the link.

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Judaic Texts Illustration

Judaic Texts IllustrationArtistic expression was always encouraged either for educational purposes or mostly for what is known as hiddur mitzvah, meaning adornment of the implements involved in performing rituals. It is amazing to see how many artists love to illustrate biblical text every one of them allowing his or her artistic expression and style to submerge. Taking a Judaic text from the bible or a Jewish blessing and giving it a meaningful illustration can be done in two ways: one purely decorative and the other text related. Most of them are printed in the giclee process. We collected many beautiful illustrated texts to give you the privilege of choosing. You will find illustrated blessings of the home, illuminated Eshet Chayil poem, or decorative Ani Ledodi texts from Shir Hashirim. We even have the whole of Songs of Solomon Illustrated. Another important text that we have illustrated is the Ketubah, Jewish wedding contract that you will find when you go to the Ketubah Gallery on the right side of this text. The Family Blessing text you see was illustrated by Sharon Binder. To read more about Sharon please click the link.

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Judaic Jewelry

Judaic JewelryJudaic, or Judaica, jewelry is jewelry with Jewish symbols integrated into it. For many a generation artists over the world used Jewish symbols and motifs and added them into the jewelry they made thus adding a special value to those artifacts. They created jewelry pieces with the menorah, Chai, Star of David, Pomegranate, and Kabbalah signs. Jewish jewelry is a great way for you to show you connection to the Jewish belief and symbols at all times. Giving a piece of Judaica Jewelry is giving jewelry with a message! We collected a beautiful collection of Judaic Jewelry: Necklaces, bracelets and even earrings with Judaic meaning that can be seen in ethnic collection and can be purchased online at Gans Jerusalem. Please feel free to send us your request in case you do not see the exact Judaic jewelry piece you were looking for.

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