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Simcha Favors

Jewish Party Favors

Jewish Party FavorsGiving a Simcha Favor at the end of a joyous event as Brith or Simchat Bat, Bat or Bar Mitzvah, wedding, and anniversary is almost a tradition. A Simcha favor is a small gift given to the guests at a Jewish celebration as a gesture of thanks for their attendance or a memento of the occasion. The hosts should try to give their guests unique party favors so that they will know how truly appreciated their presence at the party was. Give your guest a Simcha favor gift that is meaningful and connected to the event. The Jewish party favor may be a useful item or a decorative one and will be even more memorable when personalized with the names and date of the celebrants. We at Gans Gifts & Judaica believe your favors should be meaningful and as unique as you are. The party favors may vary in price and durability in accordance with the desires and budget of the host or hostess but should reflect the occasion. For small social gatherings as a Bat Mitzvah the girls participating may receive a set of Shabbat Candles or Candleholders. At a Bar Mitzvah you may want to give a nameplate that the participant can personalize by himself or a magnetic message board that have the boy's name and date of the event imprinted on them. Then again at a wedding a picture frames with the couple's picture. The Favor can be a piece of Judaic art, a magnet with a Hebrew or bilingual blessing, a keychain with Tefilat Haderech, it can be season connected like a Dreidel for Chanukah or blue and white for Yom Haatzmaut, or may be of a more practical favor that will remind the participant of the important day. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your Simcha details and we will be happy to assist you in looking for the right Jewish party favor. To see the great Jewish Party Favors we carry please select SIMCHA FAVORS on the left side of this page. Mazal-Tov

Simcha favors ideas

Simcha favors ideasFirst of all Congratulations! If you come to read this you recently have a Simcha before you. It is always good to think and order your Simcha favors well in advance but even if it is at the almost last moment, we at Gans will find a way to get beautiful party favors to complete the joy of the event. Of course, party favors are optional but we think that they are a great way to thank your guests for participating while allowing you to infuse some of your personality into them. Planning a Bar and Bat Mitzvah or a wedding party can be stressful. We'd like to assist you and take the edge out of it and give you ideas how to get the right party favors for your happy event. We'd like you to find the party favor ideas you need to make your event even more successful. When thinking about your Jewish party favors or as we call them Simcha favors we have to start with the event itself. Of course we need other favors for a wedding than we would for a bar Mitzvah. Now we have to think about the theme, how many guests will attend and last but not least about the budget. Are all the guests getting the favor or is it a family related one? Do we need all favors to be the same or are some people that need a more substantial Gift? Let us start with the event itself. Is the date connected to a Jewish holiday? Around Rosh Hashanah gift items depicting apples or including honey will be great. Is the event just before or during Chanukah than a party favor could be a candle lighter or match box depicting a Chanukah Menorah. Passover will be the right time to give Afikoman bags and Motzei Shabbat a bsomim box or Havdalah placemat. Just drop us a note and we will return with many more suggestions. For a Bat or Bar mitzvah the torah portion should be mentioned and we will find a related gift item. When you contact us give us the name of the celebrant and we will suggest items that will reflect it. For a girl named Tamar a bookmark with a date tree could be appropriate and for a boy named Noah an item with the arc of Noah can be prepared. Sometimes you'd like to give some special people a thank you gift for helping you set up the party or hosting your Simcha guests for Shabbat. Finding gifts like that will be easy when you let us know the event and the quantity. Never hesitate to contact us. Our team is experienced and will be happy to assist you whenever you feel the need.

Personalizing Simcha favors

Personalizing jewish party favorsA Simcha is a special and happy event to rejoice and thank the loved ones for their blessings and participation. Personalizing your Simcha party favors will leave a lasting impression and add a personal touch to the item you give. Most of our Jewish party favor suggestions can be personalized others may have a special thank you sticker on them. Depending on kind and quantity of your Simcha favor personalizing can be easy and inexpensive – sometime even without an additional fee. We have prepared for you colorful magnets by Dorit with a meaningful message that is appropriate for the event that is celebrated. Here a sample of a magnet for an engagement or wedding. The beautiful party favor magnet has a verse from the Sheva Brachot: Sameach TeSamach Reim Ahuvim, let the loving couple be very happy. We have also key-rings, Kippot, and bookmarks that will serve as a lasting reminder of the Simcha occasion. We also carry memo-pads that can serve as name plates during the event and be taken home or decorative Shabbat match boxes, salt and pepper shakers, placemats and many more all with your requested personalization. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your Simcha information and we will suggest motives and prices.

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