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Blessing is the act of invoking divine protection or aid in everyday life or on special events. Blessing means the act of praying for divine protection, good fortune, good luck, health, and peace. Blessings can be as simple as; have a nice day, or have a blessed day. Blessings can be Blessings are known for many generations and in all cultures. Giving a friend or family member an illustrated blessing when you'd like to show somebody that you wish him well is a great idea. Blessing tradition involves everyone and almost everything: we have baby blessings, children blessings, Family Blessings, elder's blessings, home and business blessings, and even the priestly blessing. All magnificently illustrated in the most artistic way. Please come and see our collection of meaningful of blessings from Israel that includes Jewish blessings in Hebrew English or bilingual

Blessing For Children

Blessing For ChildrenParents would like their son or daughter to be healthy, intelligent and happy. What would be more appropriate than blessing them they should go by the footsteps of important people of ancient Jewish history? Every Friday night parents show their love and affection when they bless their children based on Jacob's blessing. First, the priestly blessing is recited and followed by the blessing Jacob bestowed upon Ephraim and Menashe, Joseph's sons: May G-d make you like Ephraim and Menashe. Genesis 48:20. Daughters are blessed to go by the footsteps of our four matriarchs: May G-d make you like Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel, and Leah. There are many Jewish prayers and blessings for kids that Israeli artist illustrated and many Quotes of wisdom for children that can be hung and enjoyed in a nursery or children's room. The blessings for Jewish children include The Shema for children, Hamalach Hagoel, Modeh Ani for boys and girls, Birkat Habanim, and Birkat Habanot. We have Hebrew or bilingual blessing texts such as Modeh Ani, and Shema for children or the blessings for boys and girls that you'll find browsing this section. TO SEE ONE OF OUR BLESSINGS FOR CHILDREN PLEASE CLICK THE LINK.

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Birkat Cohanim

Birkat CohanimBirkat Cohanim, the Priestly blessing, is one of the most sacred rituals in Judaic tradition. In the Bible, G-d commands the Priests, Kohanim, to bless the Children of Israel and the Priests used to recite the priestly blessing every day after sacrifice during the time of the Temple in Jerusalem. The verses of the Priestly Blessing, Birkat Kohanim, are among the oldest in continuous liturgical use. Archaeologists found the words etched on silver scrolls found in tombs from the seventh century BCE. The words of the Priestly Blessing come from the Book of Numbers 6:24-26. On certain occasions this Priestly three-fold blessing, Birkat Cohanim, is recited by the descendents of Aaron, called Cohanim, priests, through a special ceremony. The Cohanim spread their hand in a specific way to deliver the blessing. Birkat Cohanim invokes G-d's power to protect a person, grant prosperity, and enlightenment. It is the custom for congregants to spread their Tallitot over their own heads during the blessing and not look at the Cohanim so as to emphasize that the blessing is from G-d. If a man has children, they will come under his Tallit to be blessed. Before reciting the Priestly Blessing the Kohanim chant: He who has hallowed us with the sanctity of Aaron and commanded us to bless His people Israel in love. Translated the Priestly Blessing reads May G-d send his blessing on you and keep you - May His light face be shining on you in grace - - May G-d‘s approval be resting on you and may He give you peace Numbers 6:24-27. The Scriptural benediction consisting of three short verses, comprising 15 Hebrew words in all, which was ordained to be recited only by the descendents of the Kohanim, the former priests of the Holy Temple Traditional rites have incorporated the Priestly Blessing in the benediction of the Amidaduring the reader's repetition in the Morning Service. Today one of the highlights of Birkat Kohanim is when hundreds of Kohanim near the western wall bless thousands of worshippers who made pilgrimage to Jerusalem for traditional blessing ceremony which is held during the intermediate days of Succot and Passover. TO SEE AN EXAMPLE OF AN ILLUSTRATED BIRKAT COHANIM PLEASE CLICK THE LINK.

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Blessing For The Business

Blessing For The BusinessAfter investing a lot of time, usually even a lot of money, the time has come to open a new business. Every one would like to wish good luck and say: May this business and all who enter it be blessed with good fortune! The message conveyed in the blessing for the business is a wish for success in one‘s line of work. The illustrated Birkat Haessek, Hebrew for blessing of the business, is a most appropriate decoration for an office or shop. Illuminated texts for Bircat Haessek are available in Hebrew or English. It is a wonderful gift, for you or for a friend on the occasion of opening a new business, just as well as for an existing one. Good business! TO SEE AN EXAMPLE OF OUR BIRKAT HAESEK PLEASE CLICK THE LINK

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Home Blessing

Blessing for the HomeHome blessing is called Birkat Habayit or Birkat Bayit in Hebrew. The act of blessing the home is ancient and can be found in many variations and cultures along history. Moving into a new home is always a wondrous event. Friends and relatives wish you that moving into a new place will bring cherished memories. Home is a sanctuary, a place for love, nurturing, friendship and growth. A wonderful way to wish all those meaningful happy wishes from the heart is giving a blessing to hang on the wall – usually at the entrance – that will remind permanently of your intention. A home Blessing makes a wonderful gift for housewarming, wedding, a thank you gift when visiting, or to show that you care. The home blessing comes in many variations. As it was supposed to protect, guard and keep the evil away it used to count all the negative influence that should be kept out of your home like: may this place know no sorrow, let there come no trouble, fear, or conflict etc. Today unlike this negative formula we wish for the good things in life to enter the home and therefore wish positive blessings: happiness, joy, health, harmony, good fortune, and peace. Home blessings come in many forms: as a home blessing plaque made of clay or stone, as a beautifully illustrated blessing for the home picture, embroidered home blessing, and sometimes it is painted on glass and hung on the window. Some blessings for the home are combined with the Chamsa Symbol, integrate the hands symbolizing the priestly blessing, or include the Star of David. Some Blessing for the House brings texts from the bible like this one from Kings 15:5 and Isaiah 65: 21-23. WE HAVE PREPARED MANY BEAUTIFUL HOME BLESSINGS FOR YOU. TO SEE AN EXAMPLE OF OUR BLESSING FOR THE HOME ART PIECES FROM ISRAEL PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK.

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Tefilat Haderech

Tefilat HaderechLeaving for a period of time for traveling, pilgrimage, or studying used to be very dangerous. People hoped for a safe journey and prayerd for it. Time has changed the ways we travel nevertheless we still wish to arrive safe. However we begin a travel; by air, sea, and even on long car trips we recite Tefilat HaDerech- The Traveler's Prayer, that is the traditional Jewish prayer for a safe journey: May it be Your will, Lord, My God and God of my ancestors, to lead me, to direct my steps, and to support me in peace. Lead me in life, tranquil and serene, until I arrive at where I am going. Deliver me from every enemy, ambush and hurt that I might encounter on the way and from all afflictions that visit and trouble the world. Bless the work of my hands. Let me receive divine grace and those loving acts of kindness and mercy in Your eyes and in the eyes of all those I encounter. Listen to the voice of my appeal, for you are a God who responds to prayerful supplication. Praised are you, Lord, who responds to prayer.

Tefilat Harofe

Tefilat Harofe, the doctor‘s prayerThe physician prayer is a meaningful gift for everyone involved in the medical healing world: medicine studies graduations, nurses, and doctors of every kind. Moses Maimonides, also known as Rabbi Moses ben Maimon the Rambam 1137-1204 was a famous Torah scholar. He was a Physician a philosopher and Rabbi. The Rambam wrote the Physician's prayer, Tefilat Harofe that is cherished by Jewish physicians even nowadays. The illustrated text of this prayer is a lovely gift for people of the medical profession and many artists illuminated it. Bringing a Maimonides Physicians Prayer to your physician is a beautiful way of showing your appreciation. Here a translation: O G-d above, before I begin my holy work, healing Your creations I request You, that You that You will grant me the strength of spirit and energy to do my work with faith. I beseech You that the wish to accumulate wealth will not blind my eyes from seeing anybody who is suffering, who comes for my advice as a human being rich or poor, friend or not. The good and the evil person, in his sorrowful moment should reveal to me only the human being in him. My love for the learning of medicine should only strengthen my spirit, only the truth shall be the light before my feet, for any weakness in my work might bring about death and illness to Your creation. I beg from you, please strengthen and focus, my body, and my soul and plant within me a spirit that is whole. The illustrated physician prayer, Tefilat Harofe is a fantastic Jewish art gift for doctors and everyone in the medical profession. WE HAVE A COLLECTION OF TEFULAT HAROFEA – DOCTOR PRAYER. TO SEE AN EXAMPLE, PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK.

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