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Star Of David Symbol

Star Of David

Star Of David symbolPeople ask themselves where does the Star of David Originate and what is the Star of David meaning. The Star of David or Shield of David, Magen David, is an ancient Jewish symbol composed of two overlaid triangles that form a six-pointed star. According to Jewish tradition, the Star of David was painted or engraved on the shields of king David's warriors. The shape is derived from King David's signature, as the letter Dalet, twice included in the name resembles a triangle in ancient Hebrew. Though this sign was not much used by Jews before the middle Ages the Star of David was popularized by Cabbalists for protection against evil spirits. The Jewish community of Prague where David Gans lived adopted it as an official symbol and its use became widespread in the 17th century. The symbol that had neither biblical nor Talmudic authority became a nearly universal emblem of Judaism in the 19th century when the Zionist movement grew. 1948 With the establishment of the state of Israel the Star of David on the Israeli Flag has also become a symbol of Israel. The Star of David is now integrated into many Judaic art prints and jewelry pieces from earrings to necklaces and Bracelets.

David Gans

David GansDavid ben Solomon Gans (1541-August 25, 1613) was an Astronomer, Cabbalist and wrote a history book called Zemach David. As stated before the story of David Shield is connected to our own family history. David Gans Born 1541 in Westphalia Germany. To enable the tax collectors to find their way every home had a painting over their entrance. David and his family had a goose, in German Gans, painted there and were the first family in Westphalia to get a family name: in this case Gans as on the painting. After learning in the Yeshiva, David Gans went to study astronomy in Prague where he was buried 1613. He was a noted cleric, astronomer and a colleague of Tycho Brahe. His grave, which you can still find in the cemetery in Prague, is marked with a Star of David and a goose which is a combination of his first and last name (Gans meaning goose in German). 1939, his descendents Olga and Heinrich Gans and family arrived in Palestine- pre-State Israel. They continued in their trade, and manufactured and cleaned down quilts and pillows, and quality bed linens. That was later converted into Gans gifts and Judaica store. To read more about David Gans follow the link.

David Gans

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